Friday, February 18, 2011

Will the Seeds Grow?

I've figured it out- the reason most people don't like reading what I write is because I mess with their drugs- their unhealthy food and drink addictions that they've grown up with. They don't want to hear the truth, or discount the info as false. What a shame!

No one likes being called stupid, me included. But it is a fact, that we each have faults, that we each do stupid things in our lives. I could use many examples, but here's just one: It's as plain as the big nose on my face that it doesn't make sense to drink the milk from a cow/eat any dairy products. I have a hard time understanding, that, after science backed facts and human logic has been presented in this blog from nutrition experts, few seem to get it. They don't get that the natural intention of a cow's milk is for it's calf, not a human. They continue with their life shortening, disease promoting habits, even after logic says otherwise.

When we die, I believe we will know everything. I will look forward to that day. I will want to understand why most of the people I knew didn't follow the advice of two of the best doctors on the planet.

I sincerely wish I would've known what I know now back when my kids were babies. ie: My wife Bev and I thought we were being such great parents by buying "Sauk Rapids Milk"- in the old fashioned bottles. We'd make the several mile trip over the bridge from St. Cloud to Sauk Rapids to the store and pick up our 6 pack of freshly bottled milk, thinking it was better for our kids than the conventionally packaged cow's milk in cartons. Wrong. That's possibly where I got my Chron's disease- which comes from a bacteria in cow's milk that some people are not able to fend off. I was one of the unlucky ones.
That's just one example. But.. you can't go back. What I can do, is move forward, and try to be positive and a good if not great influence re my own lifestyle choices. I need to work on my own faults, not worry about others.

Last winter when I started this blog, my intent was to present healthy lifestyle messages in a fair and unbiased manner. I wrote a lot, I mean a lot. Now over a year later I don't see many fruits from my labor. I did my best to present the information. I'm not seeing any results. Even when the best, most honest, truthful, logical, science backed information is RIGHT IN FRONT OF PEOPLE'S FACES they disregard it. My hope was that after they too discovered the info, that they'd see the light and make some changes. Maybe that'll change someday, maybe not.

The seeds have been planted. Maybe someday people will experience the "aha!" reaction that I've experienced to where "True Health" lies. For most people they don't even start to make changes until after they get a diet related disease. Even then, many will take the conventional route of taking pills, with the incorrect assumption that the pills will handle the disease, rather than heal the diet related disease with a healthy diet/lifestyle. An old friend of mine who takes cholesterol pills once said, "I can eat whatever I want, just so I take my cholesterol pills." How sadly mistaken he was.

If you don't eat or drink animal foods (the only foods that contain cholesterol), you won't have a cholesterol problem. But because food from animals have addictive chemicals, and since you've eaten animal foods all your life, chances are you'll continue to consume a disease promoting diet.

Will the seeds grow? I hope so!