Thursday, February 10, 2011

I Am at WAR With Cheese!

Think about the word "CHEESE". The word sounds kinda "cheesey" doesn't it? "Cheese" just SOUNDS like a word that clogs up your arteries. Your arteries! Those are the things that deliver blood to your heart and other parts of your body! So the next time you think about the word cheese, or eat cheese, think about the word "sludge."

Cheese is made from bovine slime. If you are one who puts your mouth around a cow's teats (in actuality it's what you're doing whenever you consume any food from a cow) you are consuming unhealthy substances: cholesterol and cow's milk proteins that have scientifically been proven to cause disease in humans. It just aint right! Don't eat it! It is promoting disease in you! Is that what you want to do? Eat things that are shortening your life, as well as exploiting animals?

Now when I line up at Subway preparing to orchestrate my "Salad Sandwich" (bread plus all veggies), I am just waiting for the worker to ask, "What kind of cheese would you like?" (Almost everyone has cheese.) In the past I said, "I don't eat cheese". Now I say, "I eat very healthy. I don't eat cheese." When I used to be uninformed re cheese, I would order a DOUBLE CHEESE pizza, and that's it- nothing else on the pizza. I LOVED cheese. I had cheese on this, cheese on that. Cheese is hopelessly addictive. There are addictive chemicals in ALL food from animals. Cheese is one thing (chicken too) that I still think about. After eating cheese and chicken for 50 years it IS a little hard to completely forget about. I hope that with time the unhealthy cravings will continue to subside. It's taken me awhile, but now my diet is mostly raw and cooked plant foods- fruits and veggies, whole grains, beans, raw seeds and nuts. I eat very little processed sugar, salt, and oil. (Cooked in a healthy way means using water to steam or boil- no oil. Oil is fat. The fat you eat is the fat you wear.)

If you eat something that is unhealthy for you, it hurts you.
If you eat something that is healthy for you, it helps you.
Find out what is healthy, and what is not.
Knowledge is power.,

Now you know. Will you continue to hurt yourself?