Tuesday, February 1, 2011


I've been told that many of my ideas regarding nutrition and health are ahead of their time. The general population of the U.S. is hopelessly addicted to animal foods and other unhealthy food and drink. It is unrealistic to believe that the masses are going to change any time soon.

But there is a slowly growing army of people "in the know" that are starting to create change. The message of "Health is in plant foods" is beginning to cause change in the status quo. School lunches are beginning to add more fruits and vegetable selections. Wal-mart is promoting more fruits and vegetables, pledging to eliminate many junk foods. Our wonderful first lady Mrs. Obama is crusading for our healthy plant based diet cause. On Oprah today (2/1/11) there will be a discussion on the vegan diet with Michael Pollan. Heaven nows Oprah NEEDS a vegan diet- if only she could get turned on to what's right. She has such tremendous influence on others and could lead by example!

I am a school assembly performer traveling across America promoting plant foods in my 45 minute programs. Two lines from my show: "The healthiest food on the earth is called whole, natural food. Whole natural food comes either right off a tree, or from the ground- from a garden or a farmer's field."
After one such show at a Native American school in northeast Nebraska, the school provided "treats" for all the kids, which just happened to be all raw fruit and vegetables! Typical fare in the past has been ice cream, cake, M & Ms, etc. That made me so happy!

Appreciate it when there's a gem in the rough. :)

Begin to turn away from all food from animals, and food and drink that is deemed unhealthy. Educate yourself as to what is healthy and what is not. Read all this blog from the beginning, or read any books by Joel Fuhrman, MD or John McDougall, MD. Join the smart bunch who firmly believe that a plant based diet affects both human health and the health of the earth in a supremely positive way. Join our group: PEOPLE FOR PLANTS!