Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The “Signs” of the times..

It really depends on where you live how progressive the area.

In Sauk Rapids, MN: on Bubba’s Bar marquee: Meat Raffle Wednesday

In Clear Lake, MN: on a bank’s marquee: Box of Free Steaks for Opening a Checking Account

In Waite Park, MN: on the American Legion marquee: Pork Chop Supper Saturday Night

I live in a conventional meat and potatoes area here in Minnesota. I get very tired of all the “meat this, meat that..” There seems to be more traffic at medical clinics every time I go by. Food is a drug. All food from animals are drugs. All food from animals have unhealthy saturated fat and cholesterol, which promote disease.
No one likes anyone messing with their drugs, even if their “drugs” are killing them slowly. It took me 53 years to realize this.
It does help to know there are a lot of people who agree with this, albeit a very small percentage of the total U.S. population.

Here is my opinion: all killing, from human to animal makes for bad karma.
The more people who change their diets to plant based, the better the all encompassing karma of the world. Eating a diet of raw and healthily cooked plant foods promote longevity and a healthy planet. (Healthily cooked means using no oil. Steam your veggies, or use a little water to boil or sauté.)