Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Honeynut Cheerios

A line from a Honey Nut Cheerios TV commercial:

“Trying to find healthy food is tortuous.”

How untrue! What an awful thing for a food company to say!

It is quite the opposite. Trying to find healthy food is a wonderful incredible journey, especially if you can take junk food out of your diet- including all sugar and salt. Healthy food tastes so wonderful, and is so much more satisfying. You will not know what I am talking about until you take the leap to a healthier lifestyle.

Beware, there are MANY commercials like this one that contain misinformation. The key to good health is education.

“In order to make meaningful dietary changes, people need to be educated. They need to be given accurate information. When people are given the accurate information, they can make an educated decision. Many will be inspired to make significant dietary changes, excited about the prospect of excellent health.”

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