Friday, December 21, 2012

I care about your health, your kids' health, and your grandchildren's health. Hence my email address In my twenties I contracted 3 serious diseases because of my unhealthy diet. I had heart disease (high blood pressure, high cholesterol), and painful Crohns Disease, which comes from bacteria in cow's milk. I took pills for 2 years, until I began learning what food and drink is healthy, and what is not. I turned my diet around, the diseases went away, and today, knock on wood, I don't take a pill. (And I certainly don't drink the milk from a cow anymore!) Ever since, I have been on a mission to share info with people to hopefully avoid the pain and expense that I went through. Because of the time of year, I would like to address one thing- processed sugar. Simply put, it promotes disease. The doctors I study compare sugar addiction to cocaine addiction- it is so hard to give up. My wife Bev said that Mika Brezenski from "Morning Joe" stated on air that sugar is "poison." And she is right. Sugar is high in calories but they are empty calories- no nutrition, which move quickly through your system, causing insulin spikes in your pancreas. There is natural sugar in fruit, but because of healthy ingredients like fiber, vitamins and minerals, it is digested more slowly, causing less of an insulin spike. So in essence, the more processed sugar you consume, the more you are wearing out your pancreas. This from the nutritional experts I study: Pancreatic cancer is the hardest to cure. Processed sugar promotes the growth of cancer cells. Sugar is linked to cancer, heart disease, diabetes II, obesity, acne, tooth decay, and more. Sugar weakens your immune system. Sugar is being linked to alzheimers disease. So lastly, I'd like you to think about your kids' health. Well intentioned parents and grandparents think they are being nice by giving kids sugary treats. Does it make sense to limit their consumption of sugar this holiday season? -and substitute healthier treats? -like fruit, dried fruit, baked goods using less sugar than is required. When you make healthier choices, not only is it better for your body, if feels better in your mind too- knowing you are promoting your health, not destroying it. Love your pancreas. Love your kids' and grandkids' pancreases. Start new, healthier traditions is my friendly advice.