Monday, December 3, 2012

Holiday Greetings!

I would like to take a minute to thank the people who read the information on this site. I've gotten positive feedback from healthy eating people all across the globe. Since I've turned to an all plant based diet, I've never felt better. Food and drink has never tasted so good. When I consume wonderful, healthy plant foods, not only do they taste great, it feels good in the mind to know what I'm putting in my body is truly healthy, and affects the earth in a positive way. I see by checking the blog stats that besides the U.S., people from China, the Soviet Union, Germany, India, England, Norway, Spain, Australia, and others have perused this site. To all of you, I wish you a healthy and happy holiday season with your family and friends. Thank-you for reading. *Have you ever heard the sound of handbells? A friend wrote, "I think they make possibly the most spiritual sound on the planet." I hope you get a chance to hear the bells this holiday season. My wife and I play them in our church handbell choir.