Saturday, August 18, 2012

Eating animals and arthritis

From Dr. John McDougall: All food from animals cause inflammation. Obviously if you don't eat food from animals there will be none of this type of inflammation. Therefore if one does not eat food from animals they will have the best chance of never getting arthritis. There have been case studies of people who've had arthritis who've changed to a starch based, plant based diet and their arthritis disappears! Benefits for arthritis usually begin to appear within 4 to 7 days of strict adherence to a starch based, plant based diet. This same information may be of help to people with various kinds of autoimmune diseases. Fortunately, the best treatment and often the cure for rheumatoid arthritis and other inflammatory-types of arthritis is the above mentioned diet followed strictly. You should begin by reading my Hot Topics on arthritis, inflammatory arthritis: Also read and watch the associated Star McDougallers found at the bottom of that page. The article, “Diet: Only Hope for Arthritis,” is the best scientific argument for why the McDougall Diet should be the first and best approach for most people with inflammatory arthritis. I usually recommend that my patients, when they first start, follow the basic McDougall Diet without wheat or soy. A few people will have to follow a stricter elimination diet to get results. See: People on medication must keep contact with their private doctors. As they improve with the diet then their doctors should be recommending reduction and elimination of medications. Many people are able to stop all medications and live pain and arthritis free. The program is essentially cost and risk free.