Sunday, May 15, 2011

People who are Gay

This entry is reissued and revised. One of our local "illustrious" and uninformed legislators- Steve Gottwald, (Paynesville, Minnesota) has sadly proposed a constitutional amendment in the Minnesota legislature to ban gay marriages. I truly believe Mr. Gottwald will find out someday that he made a terrible mistake. He will feel ashamed and embarrassed to find out he contributed to unnecessary hatred and prejudice in our world- that he contributed to human rights taking a step BACKWARD!

It is quite interesting and depressing to find out that ALL Minnesota republicans (only one democrat) voted for this bill. What does this tell us about republicans! -that the great majority of republicans today are old fashioned? -that the majority of republicans today have their heads in the sand regarding this issue?! Mr. Lincoln, our first republican, is turning over in his grave. "...dedicated to the proposition that all men (and women) are created equal."

I used to be in the dark about this. I used to make gay jokes in high school- fag, homo, queer.
It was what I was taught.
Then in college I got to know someone who was gay, and saw the light. I felt ashamed of myself.
But one cannot go back, only forward. Never a failure, always a lesson.

It took awhile before doctors concurred that blood letting didn’t work.
They drained blood out of people thinking the disease would drain out too.
This is the mentality of people at that time- hard to fathom!

It took awhile for doctors to agree that washing hands before surgery was a good practice.
The doctor who discovered this had his career ruined because of all the naysayers.

It took awhile for women to get the right to vote.
There are still countries who do not think of women as equal.
This is a tragedy.

There is still slavery in some countries.
There is still slavery!
There are still people who think they can own other people!

Unfortunately, sometimes it takes awhile for people to change their mindset.

There are some people who take everything the bible says literally.
Do these people realize how long ago the bible was written?
Those times were much different than today. Many beliefs and practices back then would be looked at as backward today, attitudes about gay people being one of them.
There are about 8 homosexual references in the bible. Only a couple of them paint homosexuality in a negative light. I believe these negative references are incorrect and prejudicial. The people who wrote these references simply- MADE A MISTAKE.
Again, think how long ago the bible was written.

There are bad straight people, just like there are bad gay people, just like there are bad white, black, brown, any color of skin people.
The great majority of all people however, are well intentioned, good people, regardless of sexual orientation or skin color, and ALL deserve the same human rights.

Unfortunately many are still uninformed regarding homosexuality.

But it is changing.

The leadership in the church I belong to recently has made some positive changes regarding accepting gay pastors.
There are people who have left our church because of this.
How unfortunate, sad, and misguided. They will find out someday they were misinformed all along and feel ashamed and embarrassed, just like I did when I realized I was misinformed about people who are gay.

There is still prejudice, bigotry, and misinformation.

Here is what I believe/WHAT I WOULD BET MY LIFE ON:

Being gay is not a choice.

The most important thing in any relationship is love.

Homosexuality has nothing, nothing, nothing to do with pedophilia. That is utterly ridiculous!

There are millions of people who are gay- the famous, and infamous. There always have been gay people, there always will be gay people.
Just as long as you are a good person, with good character- a good person is a good person, period.

Gay married people deserve the same misery as straight married people. Ha! Just kidding, just a joke.

Unlike Europe, it sadly will take some time before America overwhelmingly accepts a gay lifestyle. This is tragic, but real.
One has to try to be happy when progress occurs-
even if it’s one person at a time. Could this be you?

(I highly recommend HBO's documentary A Family is a Family is a Family.
It is touching, enlightening, and wonderful.)