Friday, October 1, 2010

I Could Give This Guy A Hug!

I am up in Warroad, Minnesota on my school assembly tour, probably not the most progressive area. In a restaurant I was waiting for my meal, and happened to see this article in the Editorial Page of a newspaper from Grand Forks: (The article's headline was in big print which spanned across the entire editorial page!)

Saturday marks World Farm Animals Day

Grand Forks - Saturday marks the 28th annual observance of World Farm Animals Day, dedicated to exposing and mourning the suffering and death of 58 billion land animals in factory farms and slaughterhouses.
There have been undercover investigations showing male chicks suffocated in plastic garbage bags or ground to death, their female counterparts crammed together in tiny wire-mesh cages, pigs clobbered by metal pipes and killed by hanging, and assorted farm animals skinned and dismembered at the slaughterhouses while still conscious.

Studies have linked consumption of animal products with elevated risks for heart disease, stroke, cancer, diabetes and other chronic killer diseases. A 2007 United Nations report blames meat production for 18 per cent of greenhouse gases, and the animal waste "dead zone" in the Gulf Of Mexico is actually larger than the BP oil spill.

We're certainly much more aware of the devastating impacts of animal agriculture- on animals, the Earth and humans- than we were 28 years ago. This October 2nd, let's acknowledge all the suffering, disease and destruction connected with animal agriculture and adopt a plant based diet. It would do a world of good!

George Watson


Bravo! I could give this guy a big hug for this editorial! Also the guy who printed this. This creates awareness!