Thursday, May 6, 2010

Pamela Anderson

Get your attention? Ha!

Ms Anderson and I are on the same side of the fence on a certain issue: animal rights. I was pleased as punch to listen to her views on Larry King.
When asked if places like Sea World should be shut down, Ms Anderson answered “yes, they should.”

I completely agree. I know there are many people who feel this same way- that animal exploitation for human gain/entertainment is wrong and should come to an end.

If you were a killer whale, where would you be happiest?
In the wild of course.
If you were a monkey- in the rainforest. A fish- in the sea. A bird, free to fly.
Where are animals naturally intended to live?
They are intended to live free.

I remember reading a true story several years ago about a depressed, trained dolphin that had been at Sea World for many years. It committed suicide by laying on the bottom of its pool. The dolphin’s trainer was so despondent, he quit working at Sea World and has since become an “anti-Sea World crusader.”
My view on zoos is the same. I feel that mankind does not have the right to cage animals. Caged animals are unhappy.

The phrase “man shall have dominion over the earth” was disputed on an Earthsave listserve I belonged to. “Dominion” in this case is largely misinterpreted. It does not mean we have “control” over animals.
It means “to take care of them.”
Ie: California governor Arnold is showing dominion over CA coast life by changing his mind on off-shore drilling. He is taking care of them.
People love their pets, and take very good care of them.

It is those pet owners who do not take care of their pets that I take issue with.
I am a magician. I used to produce a poodle, rabbit, and dove in my show.
I had to cram them in boxes and bags to hide them in the illusions.
Although children loved to see the animals magically produced, if I had it to do over again, I would not have used any animals in my shows.
It was wrong.

Near Brainerd, MN at a show at Craguns Resort, an animal advocate came up to me after the show and asked me nicely if I could possibly substitute a different trick for the rabbit trick- to not use an animal. I answered that the audience, especially children love to see live animals.
Now as I think back to that, she was right. I was wrong.
I don’t think it’s right to exploit animals in any way.