Monday, February 22, 2010

"Just keep telling the truth."

I periodically email Dr. McDougall and Dr. Fuhrman with health related questions, which they always graciously answer.
A few weeks ago I emailed Dr. M informing him about this new blog. I told him that because unhealthy food and drink addictions are so hard to break it is difficult to get others to look at choosing a healthier lifestyle.
I asked him if he had any advice. This is his response:

This is not easy - just keep telling the truth.

Feel welcome to ask questions.

Just to remind you: The basic McDougall diet is made of starches, vegetables, and fruits - no animal products of any kind and no added oils. My February 2009 newsletter article, "The Starch Solution," will explain to you about why you center your diet around common starches, such as rice, corn, beans, potatoes, and sweet potatoes.

There are recipes at the end of each newsletter, and a “free program” on the McDougall web site (
You can find a short video of my 10-day, live-in program on my homepage.
My “Hot Topics” on my home page is the best way to find articles that are important to you. The discussion board offers almost instant help from followers of the program. The canned and package product list is up to date. You will also find free Podcasts on my web site.

I suggest you purchase the DVDs (McDougall Made Easy and Irresistible are best for those beginning) and the Quick and Easy Cookbook. You can now download the DVD lectures individually from the store. Classic McDougall books are also available for download from our store. Visit store at:

Keep me posted on your progress.

Best Wishes,

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