Saturday, October 27, 2012

Know what's in it.

You should know what's in what you eat and drink. Maybe you think you know? I would bet that you do not. It is estimated that more than 97% of Americans do not know. You should care enough to at least know. Learn what food and drink contain harmful disease promoting ingredients, and learn which promote health. Then when you are much older, you can look back at your life and either 1) be happy you turned to a healthy lifestyle way back when, or ... 2) regret that you didn't. Heart attack? I hope I never experience that pain. Cancer? Don't even want to think about it. I realize it is hard to find out that some of your favorite food and drink you've been eating and drinking all your life, under the assumption that they are healthy for you- that you need them for good health, are in actuality disease promoting, like:
Milk, cheese, eggs, all meat, all fish including salmon, and all oils- (yes, even olive oil) have disease promoting qualities and should not be sought for good health. But...when you change the way you look at things, the things you look at, change. What this means is, when you find out what food and drink is healthy, and what is not, you will look at what you consume differently. Hopefully you will start to look at the unhealthy food and drink you used to consume in a negative way, and you will start to look at the healthy food and drink you are beginning to add to your diet in a positive way. Are your unhealthy food and drink addictions worth a shorter life, pain, pills, expense, less time to spend with your children/grandchildren? "Know what's in it." To find out what's healthy to eat and drink: and especially: Doctor McDougall says "Fish is not health food. All food from animals, birds, and fish cause inflammation in the human body. All have disease promoting qualities." I realize the truth is hard to hear. In many, it causes cognitive dissonance: