Wednesday, March 9, 2011

A cow's milk is healthy!...

-if you're the cow's calf. ALL dairy foods- milk, butter, yogurt, kefir, cheese, cottage cheese, etc.- every product that contains the milk from a cow (or goat for that matter) has unhealthy qualities/chemicals that promote disease in humans. A cow's milk is INTENDED for a calf, not a person. A goat's milk is INTENDED for a baby goat, not a human. It isn't hard to understand then if people consume these products, they are being harmed, as it was not INTENDED for them!

I was just in a Coborn's grocery store in Albertville, Minnesota. There was a sign by the cheese that said, "Dr. Oz says thumbs up to Gouda!" Dr. Oz and Coborn's is wrong. He does know a lot, but apparently there's much he does not know. If you've looked at any of Dr. Oz's books/recipes, he includes food from animals and other unhealthy ingredients. Re gouda cheese, he is mistaken. Dr. Oz is just plain wrong. He has not been educated. Any kind of cheese has unhealthy qualities, whether the milk is from a cow, goat, cat, etc. Why eat any food that has qualities that promote disease?!
This is just another example of doctors, even celebrity doctors- not being properly trained. Doctors of yesterday only received 2 hours of nutrition training in their entire education. Not 2 credit hours, 120 minutes. Doctors of yesterday were trained to prescribe medication for problems- to put a bandaid on the problem, which will never heal, unless one turns to a "prescription for nutritional excellence", as Joel Fuhrman, MD coins it. More and more, today's doctors are being trained to PREVENT disease with a healthy lifestyle. Those patients with diet related disease can HEAL their diseases with a prescription for nutritional excellence. The diseases go away! You can eat as much healthy food as you want and eventually achieve your ideal weight! No portion control! Go figure! The hard part is 1) getting educated, and then 2) giving up the unhealthy food and drink you've become addicted to. It can be done. You have a choice!,