Thursday, January 20, 2011

This is how I see it.

In regards to the word "natural", one of my absolutely favorite words:

For the health of the earth, and for the health of all people, we should transition to a diet that is naturally intended for humans: a plant based diet.

There should be a tax on ALL unnatural unhealthy food and drink. A doctor "in the know" will decide what is healthy and what is not. The tax money could be used to feed hungry people around the world.

No more spraying of poison on my food. It is not natural to put poison on my food. At meal time: "Please pass the poison?"
Grow food ONLY organically. Apply a "Poison Tax" on all sprayed food, or declare it illegal. Use the tax money to feed hungry people.

All packaging materials should be recyclable or biodegradable. If not, un-recyclable materials should be taxed or declared illegal. Use the tax money to feed hungry people. No more styrafoam! Even better yet, adopt the natural "zero waste" concept. ie: bring your own containers to buy food in bulk.

Conservation must be stressed all over the world- electricity, water, fuel, etc. Natural forms of energy like solar and wind are great, but then should people think they can use as much energy as they want? Leave the lights on and not care? Of course not.

No more animal exploitation for human profit. All zoos, Sea Worlds, etc. will be disbanded. These facilities will remain only as animal hospitals. No more research on ANY animals. No more caging of birds. No more caging of any animals, unless they are sick/being rehabilitated. No more eating animals. Let them live in peace in their natural surroundings. There would be much better karma in the world.

No more house plants. It is not natural for a plant to live in a house. ( I have a cactus and aloe in our bedroom window. I selfishly enjoy owning them. They belong in a desert.)

We should all stop what we are doing, and become more benevolent. There should not be one person on this earth today that will die because they have no food to eat. Myself, I could do MUCH more.