Friday, August 6, 2010

Have you ever thought about...

...what part of a chicken's anatomy an egg comes from? Go to
Scroll down to Figure 3 on page 3 and you will see eggzactly where the egg comes from: starting in the ovary, to the uterus (shell gland), through the chicken's vagina, and then out the "vent", into the egg cartons, into the stores, to your plate, into your mouth. It's gross, but some activists refer to eggs as "bird menses," which in actuality is what they are.
A great majority of eggs come from chicken factory farms, or as I call them, concentration camps for birds. In these terrible living situations the chickens are exploited for human purpose alone, with no consideration for the bird's natural life. In some factory farms the birds are stuffed in cages with other birds so small the chickens don't even have room to spread their wings. To prevent the chickens from damaging each other they are painfully "de-beaked." Even if some chickens are raised in an environment called "free-range", where hundreds of birds live together on top of wire mesh inside buildings, forced to eat a boring diet, it's an awful existence.
Chickens in the wild fly, develop social patterns, eat food they love to eat, in essence, enjoy their bird lives.
You hear from the egg council how important eggwhites are because of the protein they provide. In actuality the excess protein in eggwhites tax your kidneys and promote disease. (Read Fuhrman/ McDougall.) And you all know about the unhealthy cholesterol in the yolk. It's naturally meant to grow a baby bird, not feed you!
From the beginning of time, humans have had to survive on bird eggs, animal flesh, cow's milk, and fish. I of course would've done the same. Over time humans have gotten used to these foods from animals, actually becoming addicted to them. There are addictive chemicals in animal foods- again, read Fuhrman or McDougall. Animal food companies have duped us into believing that we need these foods for good health, when in actuality they are lies. Every food from an animal has qualities that promote human disease. All plant foods if eaten raw and cooked in a healthy way (water not oil) promote human health.
One more... have you ever thought of where cow's milk comes from?
- from a female cow's teats of course. Can you visualize those teats, white raw milk being squirted out of them?. Marilu Henner refers to this as "bovine slime." All forms of cow's milk from non-fat to whole milk have qualities that promote human disease. Don't believe the dairy council's advertising. Again, we have been duped. And it's not so much the milk fat that is contributing to disease, researchers are finding out it's the milk proteins that are causing the problems in humans. When you think about it it only makes sense, that a cow's milk is intended for a baby cow- a calf, not a human. A calf grows from 80 to 800 pounds in one year from drinking its mother's milk. How much does a human baby grow in one year? A mother cow's milk is intended for its baby cow, not a human. It's no wonder cow's milk and all its products- butter, cheese, yogurt, etc. promote human disease. We are duped into believing that we need milk for bone strength, when in actuality drinking milk/eating milk products weakens bones! (read Fuhrman/McDougall.) We get all the calcium/all necessary nutrients we need from a plant foods diet:
#1 vegetables, #2 fruit, #3 beans, #4 nuts and seeds,
#5 whole grains- all plant foods organic when possible, veggies & fruit raw when possible.
It's time we give birds, animals, and fish a break. Let's get off these unhealthy addictions and turn to a plant based diet, for human health sake, for the animals' sake, and for the health of the earth.